World’s Widest Road Monumental Axis in Brazil

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World’s Widest Road – Looking for a completely useless fact? How about the widest road in the world. It is the Monumental Axis in Brazil. Over 100 cars can drive side by side.

In some places the Monumental Axis is considered "the largest avenue of the world". Yet, when you take a good look at it you realize it is not that large at all. The Monumental Axis could, in fact, be considered as two separate avenues of 6 lanes each.

At least two web sites (website 1 - website 2) even say "The world's widest road is the Monumental Axis in Brazil, where 160 cars can drive side by side." This is totally crazy!!!

The image below shows an aerial view of the Monumental Axis, in Brasilia


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